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Web Design & Development Course


  • Training duration: 3 months
  • Number of Session: 24 (24X3 hours)
  • (Regular fee: 12,500)



Course Highlights
  • Introduction to Web technologies:
  • HTML:
  • Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver:
  • Java Script:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Flash:
  • Web Hosting:
  • Browser Testing:
  • Web Design Project:
  • Live Web Designing Project:
  • Server Side Language
  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • Advanced My SQL Query
  • Develop a Dynamic Web site
  • Joomla/WordPress(CMS)
Web Development Project
Session Topics Session Topics

HTML Coding

  • Creating a HTML page
  • HTML Tags
  • Paragraph & Text Formatting
  • Lists
  • Horizontal Ruling lines
  • HTML Color
  • Background Color
  • Specifying Font Information
Formatting Tags

HTML Coding

  • HTML Hyper links
  • HTML Table
  • Table & Data Alignment Options
  • Table Cell Spacing & Padding
  • Changing Table Height & Width of Table Elements
  • Links
Anchor Tag

HTML Coding

  • HTML pre tag
  • HTML Form
  • Form Overview
  • HTML Frames
Marquee Tag

HTML Coding

  • Create Interactive Button
  • List Background  Using Images
Make menu Button

CSS2 & CSS3(Advanced Level)

  • Introduction to CSS
  • External Style Sheet
  • Internal  Style Sheet
  • Inline Style
Multiple Style Sheet

CSS2 & CSS3(Advanced Level)

  • Div Concept
  • Div  ID
  • Div Class
  • Keywords
  • Float
  • Padding

CSS2 & CSS3(Advanced Level)

  • The letter-spacing Property
  • The word-spacing Property
  • Text Align Property
  • Line Height Property
  • Background-URL
  • Background-Position
  • Background-Repeat
  & more CSS3 …….Property

CSS Box Model

  • Borders
  • Border Width
  • Border-Style
  • Border Color
  • Border-radius

CSS Styling Table

  • Table Captions
  • Table Columns
  • Other Table Style
  • Background-Gradient Color
Horizontal Menu Design

CSS Styling Table

  • PSD to HTML Convert
Session-XI & XII

JavaScript Introduction, basic & Customization

  • A scripting language is a lightweight programming language.
  • JavaScript is programming code that can be inserted into HTML pages.
  • JavaScript inserted into HTML pages, can be executed by all modern web browsers.
JavaScript is easy to learn.

PHP Statement & Loop

  • Conditional Statements
  •  if (...else) statement
  •  Switch statements
  •  Loop
o For statement 
o For each statement 
o While statement 
o Do While statement

Array, Functions, Get & Post Variable

  • Arrays
  • PHP Functions
  •  Get & Post Variable
 Include and Require Once.

File Operations

  • deleting file.
  • Uploading files.
Downloading files


  • Register session variable
Creating a cookie.

Email Handling

  • Header, Subject, From, Message,
 Send email to a mail address

Database & Query

  • General Concept of Database
  • Database Architecture
  • Creating a Database
  • Creating a Table
  • Data type

Advanced Database & Query

  • Mysql Select
  • Mysql Insert
  • Mysql Where
  • Mysql Orderby
  • Mysql Update
Mysql Delete

Advanced Database & Query

  • Designing Web Database
  • Tables
  • Mysql  Function
Mysql query


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