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  • Training duration: 3 months
  • Number of Session: 24 (24X3 hours)
  • (Regular fee: 13,500)

Training Overview

This hands-on object oriented PHP5 and MySQL training course teaches attendees everything they need to successfully build data driven website using PHP and MySQL. You will also learn about MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. We will teach you advanced CSS3 techniques. We will teach you Ajax and jQuery with Ajax Image upload, Object Oriented Ajax with Dojo Toolkit and Develop a Real-World Ajax, jQuery Application.

Training Objectives

  • To teach attendees the Object Oriented PHP programming skills they need to successfully build interactive website.
  • To teach students enough MySQL database skills to build the databases that will power their websites.
  • HTML5 advanced CSS3 techniques and JavaScript.
  • Ajax Image uploads & Develop a Real-World Ajax Application.
  • Object Oriented Ajax with Dojo Toolkit.
  • jQuery UI & Teeming jQuery UI.
  • Individual / Group PHP MySQL Project with Dojo Toolkit & jQuery UI.

• Introduction to HTML5 

• Laying out a Page with HTML5
o Page Structure 
o New HTML5 Structural Tags 
o Page Simplification 

• Sections and Articles 
o The section Tag 
o The article Tag 
o Outlining 
o Accessibility 

• HTML5 Audio and Video
o Supported Media Types 

o The audio Element (Audio Formats, Multiple Sources, Audio Tag Attributes, Getting and Creating Audio Files) 
o The video Element (Video Tag Attributes, Creating and Converting Video Files)
o Accessibility 
o Scripting Media Elements 
o Dealing with Non-Supporting Browsers 

• HTML5 Forms
o Modernizer
o New Input Types (search, tel, url and email, date/time input types, number, range, min, max, and step attributes, color)

• HTML5 Canvas
o Getting Started with Canvas 
o o Drawing Lines (Multiple Sub-Paths, The Path Drawing Process, The fill() Method) 
o Color and Transparency 
o Rectangles 
o Circles and Arcs 
o Quadratic and Bezier Curves 
o Images (drawImage() – Basic, drawImage() – Sprites,) 
o Text 


• Understanding CSS3 
o Understanding CSS3 Terminology 
o Adding Rules to a Style Sheet 
o Adding Selectors 
o Working with Multiple Declarations 
o Working with Style Sheets 
o Embedding a Style Sheet 
o Importing an External Style Sheet 
o Importing Multiple Style Sheets 
o Linking to an External Style Sheet 
o Managing Style Sheets 

• Selectors and the Cascade
o Understanding Selectors 
o Using ID Selectors 
o Using Class Selectors 
o Using Grouped Selectors 
o Using Descendant Selectors 
o Looking for the Sources of Styles 
o Resolving Style Conflicts with Specificity 
o Using the !important Declaration 
o Understanding Inheritance 
o Revealing Un-styled Documents 
o Applying User Style Sheets 

• Using CSS3 to Affect Page Layout 
o Introducing the CSS3 Box Model 
o Creating Simple Floats 
o Using Floats for Page Layout 
o Fixing Column Drop 
o Clearing Essentials 
o Containing Floats 
o Displaying Elements 

Reusing Code and Writing Functions 
• Including Files 
o require 
o require_once 
o auto_prepend_file and auto_append_file 
• User Functions 
o Defining and Calling Functions 
o Variable Scope 
o By Reference vs. By Value 
• Form Processing 
o Variable Scope 

Simple SELECTs 
• Introduction to the Database 
• Some Basics 
o Comments 
o Whitespace and Semi-colons 
o Case Sensitivity 
• SELECT All Columns in All Rows 
• SELECT Specific Columns 
• Sorting Records 
o Sorting By a Single Column 
o Sorting By Multiple Columns 
o Sorting By Column Position 
o Ascending and Descending Sorts 

• The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols 
o Checking for Equality 
o Checking for Inequality 
o Checking for Greater or Less Than 
o Checking for NULL 
• The WHERE Clause and Operator Words 
o The BETWEEN Operator 
o The IN Operator 
o The LIKE Operator 
o The NOT Operator 
• Checking Multiple Conditions 
o AND 
o OR 
o Order of Evaluation 

Subqueries, Joins and Unions 
• Subqueries 
• Joins 
o Table Aliases 
o Multi-table Joins 
• Outer Joins 
• Unions 
o UNION Rules 

Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records 

Managing Data 
• Querying a Database 
o mysqli() Overview 
o mysqli Methods and Properties 
o Inserting and Updating Records 
o mysqli Prepared Statements 

Authentication with Object Oriented PHP and MySQL 
• A Database-less Login Form Regular Expressions 
• Regular Expression Tester 
• Regular Expression Syntax 

Session Control and Cookies 
• Sessions 
o Configuring Sessions 
o Session Functions 
• Cookies 

• Setting Foreground and Background Properties 
o Adding Foreground Colors 
o Adding Color to Background Elements 
o Adding Background Images 
o Repeating Background Images 
o Positioning Background Images 
o Using the Background Shorthand Declaration 

JavaScript • JavaScript language fundamentals
o Statements 
o Variables and data types 
o Operators (for both numbers and strings) 
o Conditionals (if-else if-else and switch-case) 
o Loops (while, do-while, for) 
o Functions 

• JavaScript with forms 
o How forms fit into the JavaScript DOM 
o Setting focus on a specific field 
o Blocking a field from being edited 
o Setting field values based on user input 
o Basic validation: requiring field values to be filled in 
o Handling calculations within forms 

Object Oriented PHP Basics 

• Object Oriented PHP role in the WWW 
• The php.ini File 
• Basic PHP Syntax 
• PHP Tags 
o PHP Tags 
o PHP Statements and Whitespace 
o Comments 
o PHP Functions 
o Hello World! 

• Variables 
o Variable Types 
o Variable Names (Identifiers) 
o Variable Scope 
o Superglobals 
o Constants 
• PHP Operators
• Creating Dynamic Pages 

Flow Control 
• Conditional Processing 
o If Conditions 

• Loops 
o while 
o do...while 
o for 
o break and continue 

• Enumerated Arrays 
o Initializing Arrays 
o Appending to an Array 
o Reading from Arrays 
o Looping through Arrays 
• Associative Arrays 
o Initializing Associative Arrays 
o Reading from Associative Arrays 
o Looping through Associative Arrays 
o Superglobal Arrays 

• Two-dimensional Arrays 
o Reading from Two-dimensional Arrays 
o Looping through Two-dimensional Arrays 
• Array Manipulation Functions 

String Manipulation 
• Formatting Strings
o Concatenation 
o String Manipulation Functions 
o Examples of String Functions 
• Magic Quotes 
o magic_quotes_gpc 
o magic_quotes_runtime 
o Recommendation on Magic Quotes 

Sending Email with Object Oriented PHP 
• mail() 
o Shortcomings of mail() 

File System Management 
• Opening a File 
o fopen() 
• Reading from a File 
o fgets() 

• Opening a File 
o fwrite() 
• File Locking 
o flock() 
• Uploading Files via an HTML Form 
• Getting File Information 

Ajax Basics 
• HTTP Request and Response Fundamentals 
• The XMLHttpRequest Object 
• XMLHttpRequest Methods 
• XMLHttpRequest Properties 
• Cross-Browser Usage 
• Sending a Request to the Server 
• Basic Ajax Example 

Ajax Image upload & Develop a Real-World Ajax

• Uploading Images 
• Displaying Images 
• Loading Images 
• Dynamic Thumbnail Generation 
• Develop a Real-World Ajax Application Object Oriented

Ajax with Dojo Toolkit 
• Object Oriented JavaScript 
• Object Oriented Ajax 
• Object-Oriented AJAX with JavaScript 
• Ajax Classes 
• Install & Configuring the Dojo Toolkit 

jQuery Selectors, Plugins, & Core 
• About jQuery 
• How jQuery Works 
• Using selectors and events 
• Selectors 
• Using the tablesorter plugin 
• Writing your own Plugins 
• Query Core 

jQuery For Designers with CSS, Attributes, Effects & Events 

• Adding and Removing a CSS Class 
• CSS 
• Mythical widget 
• Attributes 
• Using Effects 
• Events 
• jQuery UI 
• Theming jQuery UI

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