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Copy Right

The SaaDo Ltd. implements the subsequent DMCA Notice and Takedown Policy. The SaaDo restricted respects the material possession rights of third parties, and expects others to try and do a similar. The DMCA provides a method for a copyright owner to offer notification to a web service supplier regarding alleged violation. Once a sound DMCA notification is received, the service supplier responds below this method by taking down the offending content. On taking down content below the DMCA, we'll take affordable steps to contact the owner of the removed content so a counter-notification could also be filed. On receiving a sound counter-notification, we tend to usually restore the content in question, unless we tend to receive notice from the notification supplier that a proceeding has been filed seeking a writ to restrain the alleged infringer from participating within the infringing activity. As a part of our effort to acknowledge the copyrights of third parties, The SaaDo restricted complies with the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and is so protected by the restrictions on liability recognized by fifty six U.S.C. § 512; normally referred to as the "safe harbor" provisions of the DMCA. The SaaDo Ltd's infringement notification procedure, counter notification procedure, and takedown policies, area unit set forth below.

The SaaDo Ltd. is registered in the World and Bangladesh has commissioned the WIPO convention specifically Paris Act 1971 and is respectful to the law about digital copyright specifically DMCA.

II. Notice of Claimed Infringement:

1. Abuse Warning

The DMCA permits copyright homeowners, or their licensed agents, to submit notifications to service suppliers, like The SaaDo restricted, requesting that infringing material hosted on The SaaDo Ltd's servers be disabled or removed. Significantly, the DMCA imposes important penalties - together with court prices and attorneys fees - on people who abuse the infringement notification procedure, by misrepresenting either that material is infringing, or was removed by mistake. The SaaDo restricted can pursue people who abuse its DMCA notice or counter-notification procedure, and can work with enforcement in any investigation of such abuse. Please ensure that you just meet all the qualifications before submitting a DMCA notice to our selected Agent known below.

2. Notification Contents and Procedure

If you suspect that your work has been derived, reproduced, altered or printed during a method that constitutes violation below federal law, or your copyrights are otherwise desecrated, please submit a DMCA notice to The SaaDo Ltd's selected Copyright Agent, containing the following:

a) Associate in nursing electronic or physical signature of the person licensed to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or different material possession interest.

b) An outline of the proprietary work or different material possession that you just claim has been infringed.

c) An outline of wherever the fabric that you just claim is infringing is found on The SaaDo Soft Limited's servers (preferably together with specific url's related to the material).

d) Your full name, address, sign, and email address.

e) A press release by you that you just have a decent religion belief that the controversial use isn't licensed by the copyright owner, its agent’s or the law.

f) A press release by you, created below penalty of infringement, that the on top of data in your Notice is correct which you're the copyright or material possession owner or licensed to act on the copyright or material possession owner's behalf.

III. Take Down Policies and Procedures:

The SaaDo restricted implements the subsequent Take down Policies and Procedures. Upon receipt of any notification of claimed violation, The SaaDo restricted can act with efficiency to give notice its client of the alleged infringement, and take steps to disable or take away the topic material. DMCA Notices area unit usually processed among 2 business days from receipt, absent exculpatory circumstances. The SaaDo restricted reserves the correct at any time to disable access to, or take away any material or communicatory work accessible on or from its servers or services, that's claimed to be infringing via a sound DMCA Notice, or supported facts or circumstances from that infringing activity is clear.

IV. Counter-Notification Procedures:

If the Recipient of a Notice of Claimed Infringement "Notice" believes that the Notice is inaccurate or false, and that allegedly infringing material has been wrong removed/disabled in accordance with the procedures made public on top of in Section III on top of, the Recipient is allowable to submit a counter-notification consistent to fifty six U.S.C. § 512(2)(3). A counter-notification is that the correct methodology for the Recipient to dispute the improper removal or disabling of fabric consistent to a Notice.

V. Service Supplier Customers of The SaaDo Ltd.:

Some of The SaaDo Ltd's customers area unit, themselves, "Service Providers" among the that means of fifty six U.S.C. � 512(k)(1). Consequently, The SaaDo restricted requests that any DMCA Notices about alleged infringement by third party users, clients or subscribers of The SaaDo Ltd's Service supplier Customers be submitted on to the DMCA Agent selected by such customer.

VI. Modifications

The SaaDo restricted reserves the correct to change, alter or augment this policy, and every one users ought to often check back often to remain current on any such changes.

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